Get insights into the topics that keep us going as an InsurTech. On top of that, of course, is the hot topic Embedded Insurance. What's more, our #hepsterheroes will share their different missions with you. Each of them has his or her own individual hepster story, yet they are all pursuing the same goal: taking traditional insurance back to the 90s and shaping the future of insurance.

Be part of it.

Female Empowerment at hepster
#hepsterhero stories
"My boss isn't coming - I am the boss."

For today’s International Women’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to the driving and thriving forces behind our Revenue Operations team.

Mathias Schuldt
#hepsterhero stories
The thing with corporate culture. Everything you need to know.

What exactly is corporate culture and why is it so important? How do I create a culture that suits my company and how do I ensure that it is lived in the everyday lives of my employees? Questions after questions that we asked Mathias, our HR lead. He has the answers.

Need an example? 

Find out how integrated insurances works for our partner

Britta Martens
#hepsterhero stories
From media studies to the tourism industry, into online marketing. And then a start-up.

I've taken many different paths in my career. And now: I already have five years of hepster under my belt and have enjoyed every moment. You can only get my full story here - in a very personal way.

Student internship
#hepsterhero stories
Student internship in a start-up? Why not?

What can a student internship in a start-up look like? I have the answer, Lilly, a student intern in marketing at hepster. My experiences and personal insights into my everyday life at hepster can only be found here in my blog post.

Sarah Gahler
#hepsterhero stories
Personal development in a start-up? If not here, then where?

It is well known that you grow with your tasks, and with hepster, you can surpass yourself. I grew up at hepster. But what does it mean for me and what has my path at hepster looked like so far, what have I learned? You can find all this and more in my blog. So grab a coffee or drink and dive into my hepster world.

Nils Rothenpieler
#hepsterhero stories
Trainee in a start-up? Yes, definitely.

Here you'll get into my personal story as a trainee at hepster. You'll learn all about my challenges, growing responsibilities and contrasts to "traditional" insurance companies. Perfect for you if you are thinking about starting a traineeship in a start-up.

Fränze Raschke-Eckerle
#hepsterhero stories
My learnings in a start-up? They are my daily business.

Being able to learn on the job every day sounds good, doesn't it? I will give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of hepster. Learn all about my way to hepster, our vibrant everyday life and what I could learn for myself during this time. Get everything first-hand in my personal story.

Jette Falk
#hepsterhero stories
Insurances are run-of-the mill? Not with hepster.

Yes, it's true. Many insurance companies still work with fixed structures and processes. And I know this all too well. Just another reason why I am now part of the hepster team. I'll tell you more reasons, the opposites and my own story now.

You have what it takes to be a #hepsterhero?

Then find the right mission for you now and hit the roof together with us. We look forward meeting you soon.

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