One technology to solve all your problems.

With hepster, insurance becomes a piece of cake. Our state-of-the-art technology enables you to integrate our solutions seamlessly into your processes.

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Your only platform for digital insurance.

We understand that you don’t want different tools or platforms just to embed one insurance into your processes. That is why hepster is here. We’re constantly evolving to shape the future of insurance to offer you and your customers the best solution in real time and with no hassle. Curious how? See our features below.

API First

Our API is the first interface of our applications and is always provided before any implementation. They consciously hide the complexity of digital business processes and enable convenient and secure development of your applications.

Insurance integration made simple.

Imagine how the integration of flexible insurances into your product or service can enrich your customer journey.
We seamlessly connect your tailor-made insurance,  so yourcustomer’s experience gets even stronger. 
Let us show you how the customer journey for embedded insurances with hepster looks:

 integration of flexible insurances
 integration of flexible insurances

Partner portal

With our exclusive, multifunctional online partner portal, our cooperation partners now have a tool at their disposal with which all relevant actions for the processes of the digital insurer can be traced. The web portal is used in contract management, the invoice history can be viewed, damage reports can be set up, it is used for reporting and the design of processes in the back office.

01. Daily updated reporting

02. Complete contract overview

03. Simple damage report

Let’s tech action.

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