Get insights into the topics that keep us going as an InsurTech. On top of that, of course, is the hot topic Embedded Insurance. What's more, our #hepsterheroes will share their different missions with you. Each of them has his or her own individual hepster story, yet they are all pursuing the same goal: taking traditional insurance back to the 90s and shaping the future of insurance.

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Unusual insurances - does that really exist?

Homeowner's insurance, liability insurance, dog insurance - most people probably have at least one of these. But what else can be insured beyond that? Well, almost everything, actually. We'll show you insurance products you may never have heard of, but that actually exist.

Insurance touchpoints
Customer Experience

Customer Touchpoints. A customer journey that you may not have seen before.

There are many moments along your customer journey that you can use to give your business a little extra boost. Find out what they are and how easy it is to do.

You've read it all?

Stay tuned. More exciting blog posts will follow soon. In the meantime, take a look at how Embedded Insurance works with us.

Insurance Guide
Embedded Insurance

The Insurance Guide: Everything you need to know about insurance.

Insurance can be quite complicated. But it doesn't have to be. From products of all types to integration options to the need for an insurance license. With this insurance guide, you'll get it all in one place.

Student internship
#hepsterhero stories

Student internship in a start-up? Why not?

What can a student internship in a start-up look like? I have the answer, Lilly, a student intern in marketing at hepster. My experiences and personal insights into my everyday life at hepster can only be found here in my blog post.

Customer loyalty
Customer Experience

6 reasons why customer loyalty makes your job easier

Customer loyalty should not have an expiration date. Why? Because it can make your job a lot easier. We'll show you the ideal recipe for engaging customer loyalty and share our secret ingredient with you. You don't want to miss this.

Sarah Gahler
#hepsterhero stories

Personal development in a start-up? If not here, then where?

It is well known that you grow with your tasks, and with hepster, you can surpass yourself. I grew up at hepster. But what does it mean for me and what has my path at hepster looked like so far, what have I learned? You can find all this and more in my blog. So grab a coffee or drink and dive into my hepster world.

Circular Economy

The myth of the circular economy - what is it really, and is it even feasible?

A world in which resources are not only consumed but used effectively. Sounds good, but how is this supposed to work? We clarify what the topic is all about, where the circular economy is already showing itself and what potential it has.

Consumer behaviour
Customer Experience

6 insurance trends in consumer behaviour you need to know

Embedded Insurance is changing the rules of the game in a digital-first world. We'll show you the key trends of 2023 within the insurance industry and consumer behaviour. How will they impact and create new opportunities for businesses? You won't want to miss this.

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