Sustainable luxury: rent designer handbags on a subscription

In a world where sustainability and flexibility are becoming increasingly important, we are experiencing a real boom in the rental of luxury goods, especially designer handbags. What is everyday life for some people, is still viewed from a distance by others. FOBE Care is a provider that makes renting handbags part of everyday life.
Published 25 Apr 2024
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This development of Rental allows consumers to have access to high-quality products without making long-term financial commitments or wasting resources on frequent new purchases. The benefits of this development are truly impressive, ranging from financial flexibility to reduced resource consumption and extended product life. This also minimises the environmental impact.

Advantages of renting offers

  • Financial flexibility: Why raid your bank account? Renting allows access to luxury items without the need for large investments. Consumers can minimize their spending by renting items when they want or need them.
  • Access to variety: Renters can regularly try out new designs and trends without being tied to a particular style in the long term. Perfect for the indecisive, the fashion-conscious, trendsetters, and anyone with an appetite for something new.
  • Sustainability: By renting instead of buying, consumers help to reduce the production of new items and the associated consumption of resources.

Disadvantages of renting offers

  • Emotional attachment: The lack of a sense of ownership can be a disadvantage for some users as they are less emotionally attached to a rented item. But: The need for ownership varies. There is a growing tendency for people to place more value on experiences than on material possessions.
  • Availability: Sometimes it takes patience until the dream bag is available. It can happen that desired items are not available, especially when it comes to very popular or rare pieces.
  • Care and condition: Renters are responsible for keeping items in good condition and returning them, which can cause additional stress, especially if the item is very valuable.

The role of insurance in renting

When renting luxury items, reliable insurance is essential to protect both the lessor and the renter from financial loss due to damage or theft. This gives customers peace of mind that they do not have to worry about possible incidents and costs. 

Example: The bag is damaged by a fall in such a way that it can no longer be used or rented to the next customer. 

The insurance can be easily included in the lessors’ offer so that consumers receive the appropriate coverage as soon as they take out a subscription. The insurance provider takes a back seat and handles any claims directly with the lessor. Consumers are only obliged to report the damage to the lessor and - depending on the terms of the contract - to pay an excess.

Risk management:

When renting out luxury goods, insurance companies must carefully assess the risk of damage, theft, and wear and tear. By customising the insurance terms and conditions in consultation with hepster and the risk carrier, specific insurance policies can be drawn up for the rental.

Customer relationship and service:

Returning customers are particularly valuable in the rental business, as they represent a constant source of income and are often ambassadors for the brand. An insurance solution that is characterised by uncomplicated services significantly strengthens customer loyalty. Services such as simple claims reporting and speedy processing are essential to create a positive customer experience and promote satisfaction. By building trust and ensuring satisfaction, such services can strengthen customer loyalty and lay the foundation for long-term business success.


Insurers have the opportunity to support sustainability in the fashion industry by incentivising the use of rental models. This includes promoting repairs and, for example, cleaning to extend the product life cycle.

Fobe Care - Powered by hepster

One example of the successful implementation of the rental model for luxury handbags is the company Fobe. Customers can choose from a variety of high-quality bags and use them for a fixed period. There are 3 different tariffs to choose from.

"Fobe Care" is an insurance service supported by hepster for designer handbags rented from Fobe. The insurance is included in the subscription model, covers various risks, and ensures that both the provider and the customer are protected against potential damage or loss during the rental period, which strengthens trust and satisfaction in the Fobe rental model. The partnership demonstrates how customised insurance solutions can enable seamless and worry-free enjoyment of luxury goods.



Luxury items for rent not only encourage more conscious consumption but also help to reduce the fashion industry's environmental footprint. The collaboration between companies like Fobe and insurers like hepster shows that the future of luxury consumption lies in flexibility and sustainability. 

Future developments aim to tailor insurance solutions even more precisely to customer needs, with digital processes further enhancing the customer experience and simplifying handling. These innovations could lead to a more seamless user experience and further increase the attractiveness of renting luxury items.

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