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The thing with corporate culture. Everything you need to know.

What exactly is corporate culture and why is it so important? How do I create a culture that suits my company and how do I ensure that it is lived in the everyday lives of my employees? Questions after questions that we asked Mathias, our HR lead. He has the answers.
Published 13 Feb 2024
Mathias Schuldt

Mathias Schuldt | Human Resources Lead Manager

Mathias, please introduce yourself briefly:

I have been part of the “hepster cosmos” and a #hepsterhero for a little over two years and see myself, among other things, as an “ambassador” of an innovative corporate culture at hepster.

During this time, my path was characterized by an intensive insight into the most diverse facets of the company and a continuous getting to know, understanding and dealing with the diverse challenges, personalities and needs of the employees.

It is particularly important to continually “renew” the common understanding of hepster’s values and to motivate our employees to pursue a common vision. Every individual should feel as comfortable as possible in our working environment and be able to achieve their personal and professional goals.

hepster corporate culture - the letter arrives

How do you define the term corporate culture?

I don't see corporate culture as an abstract concept, but rather as something that must be actively lived and shaped every day. It's not just about policies and processes, but rather about values, visions and, above all, the way we treat each other, work together as a team and contribute our individual skills.

My intention is to create a lively and inclusive work environment in which every employee feels valued and can develop their full potential. From respectful and clear communication to encouraging teamwork and individual development, I see every aspect of the company culture as an opportunity to move the company forward.

My goal as Lead HR Manager at hepster is to be an “ambassador” for innovation and collaboration and to continually develop our understanding of our corporate culture. I believe that a strong corporate culture is the key to success in an ever-changing world and contributes significantly to the “identity” of a company.

hepster corporate culture - a sneak peek

How did you approach the topic of corporate culture at hepster?

In the last two years at hepster, I have been able to gain intensive insights into various specialist areas and got to know a variety of different personalities and employees. I focused on understanding the company's structures, processes and goals and recognizing deeper connections. By working closely with employees from different areas and in a wide variety of roles, I was able to develop an understanding of their individual perspectives and needs.

A corporate culture is not something you define once and then exist. Only shared values, beliefs and practised behaviour, one could also say “customs”, allow a common culture to emerge and grow. They are the basic structure and self-image of an organization.

This is the only way to promote a sense of belonging and a positive working atmosphere through a uniform understanding of the company's goals.

Nothing is eternal and unchangeable but is subject to a constant process of understanding and development.

At hepster, we are very aware of this and therefore strive to constantly remind ourselves of this (self-)understanding and to put it to the test.

hepster corporate culture - some surprises inside

What does the corporate culture look like at hepster?

hepster's corporate culture could be described as dynamic, innovative and team-oriented. hepster values openness, creativity and a positive working atmosphere that enables employees to exploit their full potential. It is a place where diversity is valued and encouraged, and where teamwork and collaboration are very important. hepster's culture is characterized by a strong orientation towards the needs of employees and promotes respectful and clear communication as well as continuous learning and growth. Overall, hepster's corporate culture reflects the company's values and goals and helps create an inspiring and motivating work environment.

hepster corporate culture - the love letter

How do you ensure that the corporate culture is actually lived?

We also asked ourselves this question and for this reason started a small secret mission last year. What have we done? Yes, we are a digital and largely paperless company. And that's just as well. The only disadvantage is that important and somehow emotional information, such as the cultural model, can get lost in the floods of our digital world.

Our idea: Back to the Roots. We sent a personal letter home to our employees. And the best. It was in the form of a love letter because you definitely open love letters, right?

hepster corporate culture - our values and mission

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