Unusual insurances - does that really exist?
Homeowner's insurance, liability insurance, dog insurance - most people probably have at least one of these. But what else can be insured beyond that? Well, almost everything, actually. We'll show you insurance products you may never have heard of, but that actually exist.
Published 04 Sep 2023
unusual insurances

Unusual insurances that really exist

1. Handbag insurance

Insuring a handbag may sound strange and a little over the top at first. But think of designer handbags that can often cost as much as a small car. In this case, handbag insurance makes perfect sense. By the way, you can now even rent designer handbags, including insurance coverage in case something should happen to your it-piece during the rental period. Our partner FOBE, for example, offers the latest It-bags on a subscription basis including handbag insurance, which covers the repair costs in case of damage. So, insuring a handbag may be unusual, but we think it can make definitely sense.

2. Sex toy insurance

Yes, you have read correctly. There are some cases where sex toys are damaged or even stolen. Sex toy insurance works pretty much the same way as any other insurance - like for your smartphone, for example - and can cover drop and breakage damage as well as theft. Sounds strange, but it certainly makes sense for products in the high-price segment.

3. Fishing equipment insurance

Insuring a fishing rod? Most people probably wouldn't think of that at first, but it's possible. And not only that, but with it the entire fishing equipment, because these are now increasingly high quality and thus also more expensive. A complete set of equipment can cost up to more than €10,000. If this is damaged or stolen from the car, the frustration and unfortunately also the property damage is huge.

4. Bad weather insurance

Rain and storm during vacation or even worse on the most beautiful day of your life? Bad weather causes bad moods on vacation and is probably the most common fear of bridal couples. But even for this, there is insurance. This can not prevent the weather, of course, but relieves reimbursement of costs in case of failure.

By the way: Bad weather insurance is also available for businesses. Think of ice cream shops or beer gardens, whose sales depend on good weather. That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

Let's review:

We have shown you a few examples of unusual insurance policies. Of course, there are countless other insurance products that you probably wouldn't think of first.

In general, insurance products can be created to meet the individual needs of the customer. As a company, have you ever thought of an insurance product for your customers that matches your products or services and does not yet exist on the market? Or does the insurance product you are looking for already exist, but unfortunately does not meet your expectations 100% and important components you need are not included?

hepster can build tailor-made products according to individual needs. This means: We first analyze the needs of our partners and their customers and then tailor the insurance product based on the needs. This method proves itself over and over again for us. And it doesn't really matter what the product is. It could be a bicycle, a smartphone, or even a handbag or a sex toy. ;)

Sounds interesting, and you want to know how it works? No problem. We will be happy to explain it to you.

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