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Community and innovative spirit: Startups from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are breaking new ground

Anyone looking for new perspectives in the German startup landscape will find what they are looking for in MV. Find out more now!
Published 31 Jan 2024
hepster PR - Startups from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerani

Rostock, January 31, 2024. When you think of locations for German startups, you first think of big cities. A look at Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (MV) proves: that secretly, quietly and quietly, a dynamic, unique and successful start-up landscape is developing away from the metropolises.


MV has undergone an amazing transformation of its startup ecosystem in recent years. The success is the result of many years of development shaped by many players in the country. Through the expansion of digital innovation centres and the introduction of a variety of supporting programs, the state is now not only enriching the German startup environment. MV has managed to significantly increase the range and quality of support for startups in all development phases. From school to university to the idea of founding and expanding - the northern German state has a seamless chain of well-connected actors that not only helps those interested in starting a business, founders and entrepreneurs but also a network of locations to the whole world. MV uses its supposed disadvantage as an extraordinary strength. Despite the relatively sparse population, the distances between the contact points for young founders are short because all relevant stakeholders are well-networked.


The network includes, among others, the renowned universities of Rostock, Wismar, Greifswald, Stralsund and Neubrandenburg as well as successful startups and scale-ups such as hepster, GWA Hygiene, NOVA Campus, DEJ Technology, Zasta, :pxtra, and nationwide programs from the founding shipyard, ACCELERATE:MV , Baltic Incubate Business Angels Network as well as internationally expanding and scaling companies such as Project Bay Workation and Founders Bay, to name just a few examples. Established innovation centres such as the DIZ Rostock or Greifswald also support young founders in the country, for example through the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Rostock or WITENO. The results in MV are impressive:

  • Between 2021 and 2022 alone, regional startups achieved an average sales growth of 470%
  • During this period, 462 jobs were created and around 69.2 million euros in financing capital were raised.

So if you are looking for new perspectives in the German startup landscape, you will find them in MV. While people in Berlin are fighting over office space or getting bogged down in social debates, facts are being created in MV. The message is clear: anyone who wants to start a business will be helped. The startup landscape in MV has developed into a nationwide model for technical innovations, collaborative and lively entrepreneurship and sustainable success.


Statement on the startup landscape in MV 

“Our broad network is invaluable for founders in every situation. Whether entrepreneurial support, financial support or youth programs: the close cooperation between businesses and institutions shows how Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is actively shaping its future. Our region is a dynamic centre for innovation and creativity."

  • Digital transformation despite the crisis: The Corona crisis and reviews have reshuffled the economic cards - MV demonstrated resilience and cohesion. New successful startups have established themselves and the state has been able to expand its importance as an incubator for growth and creativity.
  • Support and education: From co-working spaces to accelerator programs to competitions and startup weekends. MV offers a wide range of support for young companies at every stage of development. Pupils and students are also encouraged to realize their ideas.
  • Diverse forms of financing: Whether business angels, regional investors or venture capitals - MV has a wide range of financing options that support the development and growth of startups.
  • Community building and multiplication: A focus is on building and maintaining the vibrant startup scene. As a result, many players actively engage in internal and external marketing.
  • Innovative spaces: Coworking spaces and new tools like hackathons create an inspiring environment for creative minds to develop ideas and network.
  • Female Entrepreneurship: According to an article in Zeit, in no other federal state are so many companies founded by women as in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
  • Solutions for the shortage of skilled workers: The scene in MV is particularly committed to recruiting qualified applicants. Through innovative tools, skilled workers and companies can find each other efficiently.



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