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hepster and archimedes/ primandis are launching a comprehensive partnership

The cooperation gives archimedes customers access to a wide range of insurance cover in the area of bike and electronics leasing.
Published 19 Jun 2024
archimedes and hepster Cooperation Elektronic Leasing Insurance

Rostock, 19 June 2024 – The Rostock-based InsurTech hepster, a leading provider of embedded insurance and digital insurance solutions, announces its partnership with archimedes Leasing GmbH. The cooperation gives archimedes customers access to a wide range of insurance cover in the area of bike and electronics leasing.

The offer is characterised by flexible tariff features and strong service packages. Now, customers in the leasing business have access to a complete package that includes both comprehensive insurance and instalment protection. The digital and automatic processing of insurance processes enables efficient and smooth administration.

New features in bike leasing: instalment protection

In the context of bike leasing, archimedes is already offering instalment protection in collaboration with hepster – a service that was previously not included in the portfolio. This protection protects the lessee from financial burdens in the event of disability, unemployment or death. The insured benefits include the assumption of the lease instalments for a defined period, which improves the financial protection of the user.

Comprehensive protection for electronic devices

For electronics leasing, archimedes is expanding its offering with comprehensive insurance cover from hepster. This includes new electronic devices up to a value of EUR 5,000, including the original accessories included in the scope of delivery. It should be emphasised that the insurance does not require any excess. In the event of damage, the insurance covers the cost of repairs up to the purchase price of the device, and in the event of total loss or theft, the insurance covers the remaining lease amount up to the sum insured. The hepster instalment protection is also used in the area of electronics leasing and protects against the costs of defaulting on lease instalments.

Insured risks:

  • Damage caused by falling, breakage and sand
  • Mechanical force
  • Damage caused by fire, explosion, implosion, overvoltage, induction and short circuit
  • Sabotage, vandalism and wilful unlawful damage by unauthorised third parties
  • Operating errors and improper handling
  • Material, construction and manufacturing defects after the statutory warranty period has expired
  • Damage caused by lightning, theft, robbery and burglary

The insurance cover is valid worldwide and thus offers a high degree of flexibility and security for users who use their devices internationally. The contract term is linked to the leasing contract and is either 24 or 32 months.

Maximum flexibility for partners and customers

The cooperation marks an important step in the further development of leasing and insurance offers that are specially tailored to the needs of modern companies and their employees.

A decisive point from the point of view of Benjamin Kiefer, Sales, archimedes Leasing GmbH: ‘Our partnership with hepster enables us to offer our customers even more comprehensive insurance solutions in the field of bike and electronics leasing. The combination of comprehensive insurance and instalment protection means that our lessees are comprehensively protected and can rely completely on the service – and at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.’

This shows that individual insurance protection can be tailored to the needs of customers. Pernilla Wolf, Medior Account Executive at hepster, is therefore convinced: ‘The integration of our flexible insurance products into the leasing offer offers a high level of security and convenience. The cooperation underlines our commitment to providing digital and customer-oriented insurance solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of modern mobility and technology.’

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